A Step to Perfect Make Up

Face powders are crucial to your makeup routine i.e. they are necessary in order to set your foundation or concealer.

How does a Face Powder help you?

  • Helps you to set your set your foundation and stay in place
  • Doesn’t make your face look oily even after applying lots of make up
  • Hides the pores on your face
  • You can apply it after every few hours

Types of Powders

Powders can be loose or pressed, with loose being the most natural looking. Pressed powders are slightly heavy on the face and sometimes can give you the caked up look. They are only suitable for youthful skins and are great for quick applications but too many applications lead to many layers of foundation which does not give a fine look. On the other hand the loose powders are light on the face and are easily blended onto your skin tone. They come in many varieties and sometimes can be used instead of a foundation to even out your skin tone, make you look unblemished and natural. Even in loose powders purchasing a matte, loose powder is a good option as a pale translucent powder is only seems more natural and colorless on a fair skin. For darker skins one should choose a darker translucent powder which seems almost invisible on darker skins.

How to Apply Powder

Using powder puffs may not be the best option for your face as eventually they make your face look heavy.  So its best applied with the brush and then pressed with then pressed with a latex sponge around the eyes and nose, to help set your makeup and reduce shine. Loose powder or pressed powder applied with a brush, blowing off the excess, then dusting it over your face can give better results than using a compact pad.




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