[Brands] Pure Smile - Sheet masks for lips, face and bust

Hello, you!

Putting on a facial mask doesn’t have to be boring. With sheet masks so artfully designed by Japanese fashion icons, make-up artists and more, moisturising your face with a simple mask has never been more fun!

Introducing the brand that has made all these possible: Pure Smile!

Their library of designed masks shows us how the humble facial mask sheet can also be a canvas for art. A hot brand for facial masks in Japan, Pure Smile has been around for years. Their repertoire of products extends beyond facial masks, and is highly recommended for Asian ladies (and gentlemen!) of all skin types and ages. The brand even carries masks especially for eyes, lips and bust

With the launch of their Animals and Nightmare Art Mask series, a mask party with the girls will never be the same again! The Nightmare series contains the special feature of being able to glow in the dark ensuring that you will scare your friends (and yourself) for a good laugh. 

While providing fun, these masks have the added bonus of being twice as moisturising as the regular masks with the ingredients of Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. Regular usage of these highly moisturising masks will leave your face smooth and firm.

So grab one of Pure Smile’s masks from us and bring them along to your sleepovers for a fun mask party with your friends today!


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