[Brands] Mitomo - Face Sheet masks with 2 active ingredients

Hello, you! We're introducing a new brand today!

Mitomo Cosmetics

Mitomo Cosmetics is a top seller of beauty and skin care products in both Japan and Korea. Selling in more than 60 countries, Mitomo’s masks are widely recognized by its consumers as a leader in skincare market. Mitomo specialises in facial sheet masks, delivering top-quality products at attractive price. Their masks are made of natural cotton sheets and coated richly in essence formulation providing longer lasting moisture to our skin. 

It is with pleasure that we introduce the Ukiyo-e Series Utamaro line JP II (aka Lithospermum essence series*) and JP IV (aka Cherry Blossoms essence series**). All masks are made in Japan. The luxury designs on their masks showcase the high quality craftsmanship Japanese are famous for and makes the perfect gift for any Japanese skin care lover. 

This time, Mitomo has partnered with famous Japanese woodblock print shops S.Watanabe Colour Print Co., Asakusa Rokka-an, and The Adachi Foundation for the Preservation of Woodcut Printing. This collaboration for the art pieces on the series’ packaging is done in the hope that not only Japanese but also the world would be able to appreciate the 300-year old technique of woodcut engraving required to produce the traditional and intricate Ukiyo-e prints.

Benefits of the Mitomo Mask

*Lithospermum has a formula that can help to reduce acne, blackhead, and skin blemishes. Combined with one of the other six active ingredients such as Q10, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Collagen, and EGF, it gives a better effect on your skin. Recommended for sensitive skin.

 **Each of the four masks of the series contain an active ingredient (Aloe Vera, Pearl, Gold, and Royal Jelly) and are enriched with Cherry Blossom essence (aka Sakura essence) which is known for its anti-oxidant and skin repairing qualities. Suitable for mature complexion.


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