[Brands] Kamiya, Kyoto cutest organic brand


Hello, you! After our last post on organic issues, we're introducing an organic Japanese brand.

In the Showa era in Japan, a group of highly skilled paper craftsmen got together with a common goal, to raise the vibrancy of their products and traditional customs, with a special focus on paper.

Using their knowledge on paper processing technology to produce unique gold foiled paper for folding doors and decorative boxes, these craftsmen started to invent their landmark product: the gold foiled oil blotting paper of premium quality. Soon after, they experimented and succeeded on innovating cotton sheet face packs, thus creating the paper cosmetics products that have become part and parcel of every Japanese lady’s beauty routine. This is how Kamiya began.

Now, Kamiya is a heavyweight in Kyoto for cosmetics, known in Japan for their quality organic products that are gentle and provide comfort to our skin. By integrating the old with the new, Kamiya seeks to constantly innovate traditional cosmetics for the modern lady’s use.

We are thriled to be the first company to introduce this brand to the Singapore market. Kamiya’s classic product of gold foiled oil blotting paper is now available, in regular and green tea styles as well.


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