[Brands] Japan Gals - Daily Sheet Masks

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We’re going to introduce another brand for this week. For facial masks, another one of Japan’s most trusted brands is:

Primarily a beauty products manufacturer that prides itself on delivering quality efficiently, Japan Gals believe that facial masks are becoming basic necessities in a lady’s skincare routine. They understand that our skin is very sensitive and as such have chosen to focus on what we should put on our face, how it feels and how the skin will receive it. 

Their masks are made out of organic cotton and natural silk fibres. Organic cotton will go on our skin softly, reducing the stress that such sheet masks usually place on our skin. Natural silk fibres which are very close to human skin are chosen because of the proteins silk has. (Silk as an ingredient in our skincare will be explained in a later post; keep a look out for that!)

People with small face sizes need not worry about the sheet not fitting your petite face with this! Japan Gals understands that everyone has different faces sizes and has created a one size fit all mask sheet that contours and fits the various face sizes. This doesn’t mean that coverage is compromised, in fact it increases the coverage for all face sizes as the mask can be manipulated into the shape that best fits your face.

As working adults, we can identify when someone says that putting on a mask after a hard day of work is actually a blissful moment of self-therapy that we look forward to. Well, Japan Gals does understand our feelings so they’ve created masks that can be used everyday for blissful self-therapy moments we can get every night! The essence on the individual masks may not be as concentrated as weekly masks, however because these masks can be used everyday, the amount of essence your skin absorbs from each sheet is actually more. These masks can easily be incorporated into our daily skincare maintenance routines as a replacement to moisturisers or an added step before moisturising.

So, if you’re interested in having more of these relaxing moments of sweet bliss, check out Japan Gals’ products here!


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