[Brands] Diamond Beauty & Diamond Lash

Hello you!

Today we’ll be moving away from introducing skincare brands (don’t worry! We’ll still be introducing more later on!) to introducing brands for cosmetics. So the first cosmetics brand we are introducing is Diamond Beauty.

In Japan, Diamond Beauty is one of the most popular brands for make up as well as false eye lashes under the name Diamond Lash. Previously known as must-have items for Gyaru community both inside and outside Japan, Diamond Beauty has remained an essential part of Japanese ladies’ cosmetics for the versatility they provide. If you’re looking for simple blushes, loose powder or foundation that will suit the Asian skin for all sorts of situations, Diamond Beauty is a good brand to consider. Their cosmetics can be used for a simple basic look for a Saturday brunch or a more formal elaborate look for a wedding. 

Perhaps the most well known of all the products Diamond Beauty has is their false eye lashes. Suitable for every day use, these falsies come in various styles that accentuate different looks. There are falsies that add volume uniformly through out as well as falsies that add more volume to the ends of the eyes too. The lashes contain a mix of different lengths that criss-cross with one another so that it blends with our natural eye lashes easily. The soft, transparent membrane allows us the convenience to use our usual eyeliner or eye shadow with no problem at all. 

If you're looking for a little oomph once in a while (or everyday!), check out Diamond Beauty's products here!


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