[Ingredients] Camellia, Cherry Blossoms & Green Tea

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We thought we’ll introduce some of the natural ingredients Japanese like to include in their cosmetics and skincare products, so today’s focus will be on the plants and flowers commonly found in these products. 

These ingredients are all known anti-oxidants with anti-aging properties.



Also known as Tsubaki, Camellia is the flower that represents feminine beauty in Japan. As an emollient, Camellia is able to soften our skin while providing moisture. Furthermore, Camellia is non-comedogenic which means to does its work on our skin without blocking the pores nor contributes to acne. With high omega-9 content, Vitamin E and plant collagen all nourishes the skin to give us smooth, softened and moisturised skin.


Cherry Blossoms

The beautiful Sakura flower that attracts many tourists to Japan every spring also has a part to play in skincare products. The Cherry Blossom flower helps to repair the skin’s natural barriers while promoting collagen formation. Additionally, its whitening properties does much to lighten uneven pigmentation for a clear, fair complexion.


Green Tea

Green Tea is probably the most well known ingredient out of the 3 here. People worldwide may be familiar with this as a beverage but the Japanese not only drink Green Tea but use it in their skincare. Green Tea helps to reduce redness and moisturises our skin. Additionally, Green Tea protects our skin from free radicals, thereby reducing the Sun’s damage done on our skin. Healthy, clear and well moisturised skin is attainable with products containing this ingredient.


These ingredients have beauty in their natural form and they help us be beautiful through having them in our cosmetics and skincare products too!



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