[Ingredients] Horse Oil, Silk & Gold

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Continuing from Monday, we are still on the ingredients that Japanese like to use in their cosmetics and skincare. Today’s ingredients are slightly unusual.


Horse Oil

Animal use in cosmetics and skincare is not a recent development, and this ingredient may be unfamiliar to many, but the usage of Horse Oil actually dates back to ancient China. The oil is extracted from the fat underneath the horse’s mane and then refined. Don’t worry, the horse is not harmed, much less killed, during the process.

People with troubled skin need not fear! Dermatologists have recognised Horse Oil’s wound healing properties as well as for containing the essential fatty acids that we need but our body doesn’t produce. Horse Oil is known for its moisturising properties as it contains a cell structure that the skin recognises, thereby improving absorption of the oil into our skin. The end result? Smooth, moisturised skin.



While commonly used as a material for fabric, Silk has managed to weave its way into cosmetics and skincare products. Its water binding properties make Silk an excellent moisturiser. Furthermore, Silk takes on the job of rebuilding our skin as it assists in collagen production and heals wounds thus adding to the skin’s barrier function. By locking the good things in and keeping the bad things out, people with troubled skin will be happy with this ingredient. As an antioxidant, Silk naturally helps us in our combat against aging. For people seeking to attain moisturised and luminous skin, Silk is one ingredients to look out for.



Cleopatra is rumoured to have done a facial made out of Gold every night to retain her youthful looks. Well, she isn’t the only one who believes in Gold’s anti-aging effects. The Japanese use Gold to increase the skin’s elasticity for clear, firmer skin. Gold has been found to increase the metabolism of skin cells, retard the depletion of collagen, reduce production of melanin thereby allowing one to have glowing youthful skin. Although Gold is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, we advise you to check for allergies before using products containing Gold.


Unusual ingredients in skincare are not to be feared. Do some research so that your misgivings about these products may be addressed, and we hope this post has helped too!


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