[Talk] 10-Step Japanese Skincare Routine Part 2

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Here’s part 2 to our Monday’s post on the Japanese skincare routine with Steps 6 – 10.

Step 6: Serum, Ampoule and/or Essence

Although these 3 products differ in the concentration, these products are fundamentally the same. Usually these products are more concentrated than moisturisers or creams but remain lighter in terms of ‘weight’. They are each specifically designed to treat certain issues, so it is common for one to have several bottles of serums, ampoules and/or essences to use during this step.


Step 7: Emulsion

Emulsions are actually moisturising treatments with the same properties as an essence or serum but are less concentrated. Emulsions are not to be confused with the moisturisers! Unlike their creamy friends, emulsions tend to be in liquid form.


Step 8: Spot treatment

Also to target specific problems, the spot treatment products you use will vary according to what you wish to treat. Acne treatment or pimple creams can also be used during this step. The tricky part is identifying which product to be used in Step 6 or this step. A simple ingredient check will usually set you on the right track. Look out for ingredients with retinoid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. If the product has any of these ingredients, they belong to this step, otherwise it’ll be better to use them in step 6.


Step 9: Cream

Here’s where creamy moisturisers come in. For people with oily skin, using an emulsion back in Step 7 will usually be moisturising enough, therefore this step is optional. For people with dry skin, this additional step of moisturising will be good for you.


Step 10:

Day time: Sunblock/Sunscreen

The Sun causes our skin to age prematurely, this process is also known as photoaging. Even if we may not be exposed to the Sun for long periods of time, it is still wise to use sunblock to protect our skin from any UV rays. The Sun can still shine in through the windows anyway.


Night time: Sleeping Pack

If you’ve put on a sheet mask back in Step 5, this step is optional. However, if you like your skin to feel extra moisturised when you get up the next morning, by all means, go ahead! Sleeping packs are designed to moisturise and nourish our skin while we sleep. Same as Step 5, do check if your sleeping pack is meant for everyday use, if not do keep to the recommended 2-3 times per week.


Hopefully this 2-post talk has been useful for you! This is just a guide; Some products do come with detailed instructions on which step it belongs to, do look at it for the proper usage. Remember that consistency is key. Although all those steps look tedious, but beauty be it inside or out never comes easy.


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