[Talk] Silkworm Cocoon: What is it & How to use

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A while back we introduced the Japanese organic skincare brand Kamiya which is exclusive to Japan Skin. In this brand, there is one curious product so mysterious that people have been asking us what it is, and how to use it.

The product that we are talking about is the humble pack of 30 silkworm cocoons.

What are Silkworm Cocoons?

It is a cocoon made out of 100% silk, using only natural ultra-fine fibres. All the cocoons are hollowed out, so you can easily slip it onto your finger. Don’t worry, there are absolutely no silkworms in it. The silkworm cocoons contain a protein called Sericin that is produced by the silkworms.

As part of ancient skincare, these silkworm cocoons are meant to be used as exfoliators; they remove impurities, dead skin, and make up residue while hydrating your skin. Sericin itself has 18 amino acids that move to work as you gently scrub your face with the cocoon. Sericin behaves like a thin layer over the skin that keeps moisture in and impurities out. It also helps to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production to keep your skin elastic and reduce wrinkles.

How to use them?

Here are some simple steps to follow when it comes to using these silkworm cocoons.

  1. Wash your face with your usual facial cleansers first.
  2. Soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Make sure that the entire silkworm cocoon is submerged! The rationale for soaking it in warm water is for the Sericin within the silk fibres to be released. Soaking the cocoon also helps to soften it; you’ll be surprised to find out how firm these cocoons are, they do not yield easily.
  3. Fit the cocoon onto your finger and start gently massage the cocoon around your face. Key word here is gently, if too much force is used, it may end up damaging your skin. Focus on troubled areas that you feel need a little more care!
  4. Continue on with your usual skincare regime.

Our Kamiya silkworm cocoons can be reused up to 3 times, so do find a clean container to dry it out and store it for future use. The cocoon’s gentle nature makes exfoliating every alternate day possible, although people with sensitive skin could put in more days between each exfoliation as you’ll do with usual exfoliators.

If you’ve used it, do let us know how it went, if you haven’t, check out the product and more from the Japanese organic skincare brand Kamiya!


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