[Talk] Usefulness of Oil Blotting Paper

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A common concern we've heard lately is this: How useful are oil blotters? 

First of all, how do blotting paper actually work?
As you gently dab the blotter across your face, the sheet will pick up the excess sebum, thus removing the oily shine. Using blotting papers are better than using our fingers because then bacteria or oil from our fingers will not be transferred onto our skin. 

For people with oily skin, these little fellows can be a saviour throughout the day as it helps to keep shine at bay. If you don't have the time to touch up your make up or have only a minute to freshen up, blotters will definitely be useful. 

Be careful of over-blotting though! Over-blotting will strip away the natural amount of oil our skin needs to stay moisturised and causes the skin to produce more oil to replace it. 

Why Kamiya? Why a Green Tea blotting paper? Why a gold flecked blotting paper?
For our Kamiya oil blotting paper, you don't have to worry about your make up, the blotting papers are gentle enough to remove excess sebum without messing up your make up while leaving behind a healthy amount your skin needs. 

While removing sebum, the ingredients (in this case, Green Tea and Gold) in the blotting paper will help protect our skin. Green Tea will help to reduce redness while moisturising the skin; Gold helps stimulate collagen production to increase the skin's elasticity. All while dabbing the blotter across your face! Both have the added benefit of being a pick-me-up for your skin during the day. 

These oil blotting papers can be used as part of your simple skincare throughout the day, although for proper oil control, it'll be wise to add essences or emulsions that target the oil glands into our skincare routines. 

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