[Talk] Tooth Brush Sheet

Hello you! 

As much as our skin is important, our teeth are also important. We can easily touch up our make up, but what about our pearly whites?

We’ve all had moments when our teeth are stained after a wine, other beverages or perhaps some squid ink pasta. What do we do then? Heading to the restroom to brush our teeth in between glasses of wine throughout dinner is troublesome to say the least, but we do want to maintain a good impression.

Pure Smile has recognised the need for convenience in solving these problems. Enter Tooth Brush Sheet! These tooth brush sheets allow us to give our teeth a little cleaning without having to full out brush our teeth.

These sheets also help to remove plaque that builds up throughout the day. Already moistened, it is easy to give our teeth a quick swipe while inflicting little or no damage to your carefully done make up. It is far more hygienic and safe for use than using a plain tissue or wet tissues in our mouths.

Tooth Brush Sheet are meant as complements to our usual dental routine throughout the day, a little swipe after each meal will help keep our teeth clean and white! 


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