[Talk] 3-Step Bust Care: Scrub, Mask & Lotion!

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Japan is known for many things, for their cuisine, cosmetics & skincare, and also for all their astoundingly weird inventions. That being said, some of these strange inventions do have practical uses. For cosmetics & skincare, not only unusual ingredients like horse oil and snail slime are used, Japan has created unconventional sheet masks meant for other parts of our body.


Pure Smile’s Oh! My Busty

While Singaporeans are shy people, Japanese are more comfortable with their body. Comfortable enough to actually create a simple care routine for the female bust. Pure Smile’s Oh! My Busty?! Is a funny product to many, but in terms of the care it provides when you finally try, it is no joke. Its 3-part scrub, mask and lotion product moisturizes the bust and leaves it feeling smooth and soft after.

Why Bust Care?

The product is actually jam packed with essences, natural extracts and collagen that conditions the skin while refining, protecting and moisturizing it. Only one side of the sheet is coated with the essence so it’s safe to wear a tee over it. Directions are given on the product page!

As more age spots and wrinkles appear on our faces, our bust do suffer from aging too. So to all the adventurers here, do try this product out and let us know what you think of it. If you're still looking for a present for a friend, consider this as a memorable present that you could give!


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