Review: Kamiya Hand Cream and Blotting Paper

Review: Kamiya Hand Cream and Blotting Paper by Oh My Stellar

Kamiya Hand Cream:

There was no scent at all which is usually a good thing, if not for the fact that I really like nice scent hand creams (hint: my favourite is The Saem’s Peach Blossom hand cream which I carry around all the time). There is a slight stickiness after application, though it doesn’t take too long to absorb... Read full review here

kamiya review silk hand cream and blotting paper



Blotting Paper:

The paper was very absorbent (which I’m not sure if it is visible in the photo) and ended up translucent after I used it. In fact, I didn’t even think that I had that much oil on my t-zone to begin with but… turns out I did. The green tea scent from the paper isn’t very noticeable when you’re using it, though I personally wouldn’t have minded even if it was. After using the paper, I was left with a soft, matte finish and my skin felt well balanced... Read full review here



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