Review: Sana Maikohan, Sana Superquick and more

The coverage from the SANA Maiko-Han Makeup Base is a Medium to High Coverage. 
It's pink-based and really gives your face a 'cherry blossom' feel and glow. It conceals the dullness of the skin and adds a healthier complexion.
SANA Super Quick Melty Gel Eyeliner 01 It has a 2mm lead that comes out gradually from the tip simply by twisting the pen, no need for sharpening! Super easy to use! 
The tip helps draw fine, define lines and does not break off easily unlike some lead eyeliners that I've tried before.
The SANA Maiko-Han Face Powder NA 01 Sheer Pink is just like the icing on top of the cake. It is a loose powder which helps set your makeup with a silky smooth finish.
Helping your makeup up to last longer as it melts at body temperature
to blend in over your face... Read the full review here (By Nicole Changmin)


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